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Wink Kitten Lashes

If you are like me, then you probably always want to look fabulous  with out having to spend an arm and a leg. My new favorite strip lashes are the Wink Kitten Lashes.  


I love Wink Kitten lashes because they are luxurious, beautiful,  and great quality with out having a huge price tag. They are silk lashes with a flexible cotton band. The band is oddly enough, my favorite part of these lashes. I have purchased so many lashes in the past that are just too uncomfortable to wear. The band can be too hard and heavy on the eyelid. This flexible cotton band makes it so easy to apply and you cant even feel them once they are on. 


These beauties are not as complicated to put on as you would think, like all good things it will just take a little practice.The trick is to make sure that you try them on and trim them to fit your eyelid. All lashes come over-sized so that you are able to fit them to your eye. Once you have them trimmed you can apply your glue to the band. I like to let the glue dry a little bit before applying them. This helps prevent them from sliding around and ruining your eye shadow. There are applicators you can use to apply them to your lid. Wink Kitten sells a really great applicator. You can also use a set of tweezers. Sometimes I just use my fingers. I feel like its easier to apply the inner corner with my fingers vs. using a tool. The more you play with them you will start to learn what you prefer and what works best for you. 


There are currently three different styles. Defy – is a more natural subtle look. Dream – is a long and feathery look. Dare – is a show stopping bold look. I have worn all three and I love them all!


Which ones would you wear? 

 You can shop for your first pair here:



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