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Skincare Secrets

Everyone knows I am not that great at keeping a secret. So with that being said, I am about to spill the beans on my skincare secrets! 

Sunscreen, sunscreen, Sunscreen!

If there is anything you take away from this blog post, please let it be this. Sunscreen is such an important part of a daily skincare routine. Skin cancer is one of the most deadly cancers out there. It is so important to wear sunscreen everyday and get a full body skin exam every year.

Not only does the sun increase your chances of developing skin cancer but it causes premature aging. 90% of skin-aging is from the sun! I know right! Think about that you guys. 

I like to apply sunscreen after my moisturizer and right before I apply my makeup. You do want to be sure you are using the correct sunscreen. Try to avoid chemical based sunscreens. They can cause skin irritation and rashes. Look for ones that have zinc or titanium in it, and an SPF 20 or higher. 

My favorite sunscreen is the Tinted Antioxidant from DermaCare. It has a matte finish to it and It is tinted. I love love that it is tinted because it doesn’t leave my skin looking pale and oily. I have even used it as a cover up on days I didn’t feel like doing my makeup. It doesn’t have a lot of coverage but just enough for days I want to let my skin breath. 

I also love ColorScience because it is super convenient and water proof which is great if you are swimming in the summer and you want to be sure your sunscreen stays on. It is a mineral sunscreen that comes in a travel sized brush. It is perfect for dusting over your make up in the morning or for reapplication. They come in different shades and you can choose between SPF 20 or SPF 50. 

Self Tanner

Self tanner is my best fiend. If you are like me, you know the sun is not your friend but you also really love the golden goddess look! 

I have tried so many self tanners and the these are the two I love the most. 


Wash your face every night

I always try to wash my face every night before bed. I am guilty of missing a wash every once in while on nights that I just get to bed super late. 

You especially want to make sure you are washing your face 2x a day if you are acne prone.

There are so many cleansers out there and sometimes it can be hard to know which cleanser you should be using. You want to determine what skin type you are and then buy products that are designed for that. 

You can always visit your local dermatologist and they can help you find great products for you skin. 



Use moisturizer everyday

Another premature aging factor is dry skin. 

I know that my skin gets really dry when the seasons change from fall to winter. Its in that time that I feel like my skin needs all the moisturizer and TLC it can get. 

Again, there are so so so many products and skincare lines out there. As long as you using one with hyaluronic acid in it, it feels moisturizing enough to get you through the day, and it is designed for your skin type then that is really all you need. 


Less is more

So many people think that you need to fill your whole hand full of cleanser and that your face should be covered in suds before rinsing your face. 

This is actually not true. You really only need a quarter size amount to cleanse your whole face. 

Most cleansers out there do not create suds like you may think they should. There are some skincare lines that create cleansers that will give you that effect just because there are consumers out there that think they need that. 

Most cleansers now have a gel consistency. This helps to leave your skin feeling hydrated post wash versus feeling tight and stripped. 

Extend to your friend 

Always extend any of your product down to your neck and decollete. 

You dont want to go years caring for your face and then realize that you have been neglecting your neck and decollete. 

Also, If I have any product left over in my hands I like put it on the back of my hands. 


The recommended amount of exfoliation is twice a week.  Its really important to not overdue it as it can cause skin irritation. 

My favorite at home exfoliation product is this Babor AHA Peeling Gel

What are your secrets to beautiful skin? 

Leave a comment below. 


Thank you for reading!


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